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Tim Conway

Thou Shalt Laugh 2 host Tim Conway's 11-year stint on "The Carol Burnett Show" garnered him five Emmy® Awards, a Golden Globe and three generations of fans. The unscripted antics of his funny guy, particularly when playing off Harvey Korman's straight man, often caused cast members to lose themselves in chuckles. His slow-paced "Old Man" and Swedish-American businessman "Mr. Tudball," always ruffling Carol Burnett's secretary Mrs. Whiggins, continue to score among audiences. Conway has garnered most of his acclaim from Disney family films in which he was often paired with fellow funnyman Don Knotts, most notably The Apple Dumpling Gang series. He also wrote and starred in The Billion Dollar Hobo, The Prize Fighter, and Private Eyes, They Went That Way and The Longshot.